Shift Show

Images from the Shift exhibition at Frome showing original set-up. This is an interactive piece of work; I have invited viewers’ to knit, crochet,unpick,fiddle and re-arrange.

With visitors’ and my own input this has evolved into something much more interesting. The work is still not finished, it continues in its dialogue with its audience, making meaning from reactions and interactions……why did I spend my time doing this, what is this silvery, slippery yarn, where did I buy it (Ididn’t) How can things be touched in an art exhibition?


Big Issue Knitathon- Craftivism in Action

Bath knitathon
Nina Davis and Lizzy Ellery – two of the organisers of the Bath Knitathon.

Had a lovely unexpected encounter last saturday at the Big Issue Knitathon, bumping into Nina and Liz (two ex Bath Spa Creative Arts students who I had taught) who were organising the Bath contribution for this amazing event. In an attempt to break the world record for the number of simultaneous knitters, people came together to knit squares for a huge blanket that will be displayed to highlight the work of the Big Issue Foundation and the plight of the homeless. I wrote a paper on Craftivism which was presented at Making Futures II at Dartington Hall last year. You can read it here.

It is also in the Prick Your Finger library.

Nina Davis has a website you can visit, and a blog.

Making Pompoms

Wool stocks were getting seriously low by the end of the day
Wool stocks were getting seriously low by the end of the day

Ran a pompom workshop in Bristol with my friend Susi Bancroft as part of Easton Community Centre’s Family Day, which included music, sales of craft goods, great food, vintage clothes and making stuff. Lots of takers for the pomming including parents and teenage boys, not that one should remark on it. It never fails to amaze me how many people have done this activity as a child; it has a universality similar to knitting, and in many countries – met a czech lady today who had fond memories of the two circles of cardboard – and we even had someone making love token pompoms, who’d have thought it. It’s alot easier with two straight pieces of card but used to be great exercise for fingers using the discs !

Salisbury Arts Centre Open 2012: Sustainable Design

I have some of my crisp packet work entitled ‘Precious’  in this exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre, it runs until 15th December, and has some really interesting work. On December 1st there is also a contemporary craft fair and a workshop with James Wood who processes plants to make pigments, inks and paints.

You can find more info and vote for your most liked piece of work here.

Coffee cup viking

Coffee cup viking
Coffee cup viking

After returning from Iceland was discussing said holiday with friends and on looking into the bottom of my coffee cup – there was the face of …. a viking of course. Also discovered the work of Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson, aka Rax, check out his website, he captures the strength and fragility of living in the far north, always in black and white, he describes how climate change is affecting people living there, making them even more vulnerable.

Weave, Wrap, Weave Art Workshop at The Pound Art Centre in Corsham, Wiltshire

Am running a half term workshop at the Pound, Corsham on Tuesday 30th October , called Weave, Wrap, Weave, we will be using fabrics, threads and recycled materials to create multifarious forms and surfaces ! To book your place – follow the link'Pass Me Another Crisp Packet' Yarn and knitting

Please bring any empty washed crisp packets.